Our members are our strength. “Give us a challenge and we rush to meet it. Give us an impossible task and watch us figure out a way to complete it.”

Over the course of the year, each PWTA member has had opportunities to strengthen our Association and to strengthen their voice in the union.

By serving on a committee, contributing to VOTE/COPE, volunteering at a local charity event, attending a meeting, sharing ideas and information with building representatives, walking in a parade or on a picket line, making a phone call or sending a fax to legislators, they strengthen the voice of all educators.

Port Washington Teachers Association: 
a local unit of New York State United Teachers.

“Teachers are, by nature, caring people. We care about our students, we care about our classes, our schools, our programs -- we care about our families, our colleagues, our friends and our communities. We care about the world. We are caring people.

We are, by nature, generous people. We are generous with our time, our knowledge, our skills, our money and our ideas. We are generous people.

Teachers are, by nature, problem-solvers. Give us a challenge and we rush to meet it. Give us an impossible task, and watch us try to figure out a way to complete it. Give us a problem and watch us try to come up with a solution. We are natural problem-solvers.”

Christine Vasilev,
President, Port Washington Teachers Association